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The Ambassadors of Knowledge are individuals who meet all the criteria required by this appointment with their diligence, expertise, credibility and ethic, and are able to award a Reference to young people based on their many years of work and experience.

*Ambassador of Knowledgea person who confers awards to young people (learners) for special achievements in the field of knowledge. The Ambassador of Knowledge is an honorary function.
*Learnersall who are in an active or final stage of their studies or employees who have decided on full-time or part-time formal studies that will award them a higher academic title.

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Why do we need Ambassadors of Knowledge?

We need Ambassadors of Knowledge as competent individuals who support the development and transfer of practical knowledge and skills, so that together we can shape a common strategy of activities needed for the better employability of young people and the promotion of knowledge throughout the world.

Can Ambassadors of Knowledge cooperate only with the young people of the country in which they are professionally active?

No. They can cooperate with young people from all over the world, as anyone can write a seminar or final paper, an analysis or a research study on a particular topic and submit it to the Learning Team.
Projects and practical work usually involve young people from the area in which the Ambassador of Knowledge is active, unless the project work allows for long-distance cooperation.

Who nominates the Ambassadors of Knowledge?

The Ambassadors of Knowledge are nominated by various experts who are actively engaged in the development and shaping of personnel around the world.

What does it mean for an individual to take part in the process Ambassadors of Knowledge?

For an individual, participating in the process “Ambassadors of Knowledge” denotes a part of social responsibility and an honour to be invited to the development process of shaping and educating promising personnel.

How many times a year Ambassadors of knowledge grant aword Reference?

Award of Reference granted annually on Academic Economic Congress (AEC).

Appointed Ambassadors of Knowledge

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