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Open Invitation for new Ambassadors of Knowledge

Ambassador of Knowledge – a person who confers awards to young people (learners) for special achievements in the field of knowledge. The Ambassador of Knowledge is an honorary function. The Ambassadors of Knowledge are individuals who meet all the criteria required by this appointment with their diligence, expertise, credibility and ethic, and are able to award a Reference to young people based on their many years of work and experience.

Who nominates the Ambassadors of Knowledge?
The Ambassadors of Knowledge are nominated by various experts who are actively engaged in the development and shaping of personnel around the world.

Why do we need Ambassadors of Knowledge?
We need Ambassadors of Knowledge as competent individuals who support the development and transfer of practical knowledge and skills, so that together we can shape a common strategy of activities needed for the better employability of young people and the promotion of knowledge throughout the world.

Suggest your own Ambassador of knowledge !

Find your  Ambassador of knowledge and  get his Reference.


Employees need people with real experience and skills not only theoretical knowledge. They expected practical knowledge and skills including from young. Process Ambassadors of knowledge represents the acquisition of practical knowledge and skills that young people need.


Added value will be new practical skills, knowledge and experience that universities can’t offer to young students. For example: How to work in professional real life teams, how to work with different generations, how to work with people with different professional knowledge and skills,…). Those skills are added value that together with experience helps young people to find employment.
Special value is constant interaction and knowledge transfer between schools, universities, students and organizations (public and economic sector). Organizations and universities are stronger when connected.

Owner and organizer of process Ambassadors knowledge is Life Learning Academia.


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